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Loan Management System (LMS) :-
Fasttrack aims to provide operational and decision-making support to the asset side of balance sheet for banks and financial institutions. It has a complete lending system that is designed to handle loan cycle for complex transactions.

The Loan Management System (LMS) is a unique software solution designed for the complex task of managing loan receivables and loan funding. Based on the core strengths of the well known broking software F.B.I.M.S, the LMS provides the tools necessary to manage a funding business.

Key features of the LMS  :
Entity Management.
Contract Management.
Payment Collection.
Financier Remittance Facility.
Extensive Reporting.
Manage contracts before settlement.
Provide calculations and reports required to settle.
Web-enabled and accessible via browser.
Modular design facilitates rapid deployment.
Whether using a single company or multiple companies, Loan Management System can track your loans with ease.
An essential element to loan management is the collection of, and accounting for payments. To reduce complications and add efficiency, the LMS has a direct debit facility allowing for direct debit files to the made and sent to your direct debit processor. This has also been expanded to include direct credit functionality.

There are in excess of 30 reports, most of which are customizable in the LMS.

Arrears reports.
Optimum monthly cash flow.
Expected financier payment reports.
Original or current amortization schedules and portfolio summary reports.
The LMS Products  :
There are 2 products available in the LMS product range.

Loan Management System
-   The flagship product for the loan management industry.
LMS Online
-   An extension for the Loan Management System..
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