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Database Maintenance Services :-
Database Maintenance Services (DMS) are available for the duration of a project and also for different route maps of the Navigator project management methodology by Ernst & Young .

The DMS services are designed for ITTS projects. The services are provided in the context of project deliverables and based on timelines of project milestones.

List of Database Management Services:
Service Levels :
Service levels described here are a pre-defined set of Database Management Services. Participation by the DMS group differs with each service level. It is assumed that the levels meet most of the projects needs. However, they can be customized based on formal discussion and agreement.

The three pre-defined service levels are:

The tables below shows what services are included in each service level and how the DMS group participates responsible for or provides no service :
Development DBA services A B C
Technical Platform Determination Responsible Participates Consulting
Transaction Analysis Responsible Participates Consulting
Physical Database Design Responsible Participates Consulting
Database Design Reviews Responsible Responsible Consulting
DBMS/Server Configuration Planning Responsible Responsible Responsible
Development Server/Instance Setup Responsible Responsible Responsible
Database Construction Services Responsible Participates Consulting
Application Database Call Analysis Responsible Responsible Consulting
Performance Analysis Responsible Participates Consulting
Production Server/Instance Setup Responsible Responsible Responsible
Benchmark and Testing Responsible Participates Consulting
Test and Production Object Migration Responsible Responsible Responsible
Server Management services A B C
Database Backup and Recovery Responsible Responsible Responsible
Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning Responsible Responsible Responsible
Database Space Utilization and Growth Monitoring Responsible Responsible Responsible
Software Upgrades Responsible Responsible Responsible
Troubleshooting and On-call Support Responsible Responsible Responsible
Miscellaneous services A B C
Database Consulting Responsible Responsible Responsible
Database Technology Investigation and Analysis Responsible participate participate
Database Technical Education Responsible participate participate
Contractor Recruiting and Management Responsible participate participate
RDBMS-supplied Middleware Software Support Responsible Responsible Responsible
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